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Wellbeing Scans

Had the early foetal wellbeing ultrasounds? Been seen on the NHS for your standard 12 and 20-week scans? Great, but you’re only halfway there and waiting for another 20 weeks before you see baby again can feel like an unbearably long time.

If you’re keen for another precious glimpse and want reassurance that everything is progressing as it should be, why not book in for a wellbeing scan with InstaScan 4D Baby?


Why have a wellbeing scan?

We understand the longing of expectant parents to see baby, and the pleasure and comfort additional scans can offer. 

Our wellbeing scans check:

  • Baby’s heartbeat

  • Baby’s size and weight

  • Baby’s position

  • Surrounding fluids

  • Blood flow to baby and placenta (also known as umbilical artery doppler assessment).


What do wellbeing scans involve?


No doubt you’re a seasoned pro at scans by now, and this pregnancy wellbeing scan will be no different – it’s just likely to take a little longer (typically around half an hour) as we look in more detail at baby’s development. 

As with previous scans, gel will be spread over your stomach and we’ll use a special ultrasound probe to see what baby is up to.


The scan will be carried out by our skilled obstetric sonographer, who has over 25 years of experience working in the NHS.


Book a wellbeing scan today

Available from 26 weeks, you can book a pregnancy wellbeing scan with InstaScan 4D Baby for just £70.

As part of this great price, you’ll receive a full wellbeing report and 1 printed picture (for the best results from 4D imaging, the ideal scanning period is between 26 and 32 weeks).

Want to share the joy with everyone?

Opt for our Wellbeing Gold package, priced at £100, and you’ll receive 4 printed pictures (FYI, happy grandparents are worth their weight in gold!) and we’ll even send all the digital images – and any videos – direct to your phone. So you can share on your socials and introduce baby to the world.

Based in Burnley, we offer wellbeing scans to expectant parents from Colne, Nelson and across the Northwest. Experience our exceptional service for yourself and book now by contacting a member of the team.   

Reassurance Scan
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