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Wellbeing Gold Scans

At InstaScan 4D Baby, all that glitters really is gold and our wellbeing gold scan is the ultimate package.

Desperate for reassurance that your pregnancy is progressing well? Eager for another precious glimpse of baby…and a host of joyous images to share with loved ones?

Wellbeing gold offers all of this, so why not get in touch and book yours today?    

Why opt for a wellbeing gold scan?

This is the gold standard of scans, so start as you mean to go on by only providing the very best for baby.


You’ll receive everything that is part of our standard wellbeing scan, which includes checking:


  • Baby’s heartbeat

  • Baby’s weight

  • The position of baby

  • Surrounding fluids

  • Blood flow to baby and the placenta (sometimes referred to as an umbilical artery doppler assessment).



  • 4 printed images

  • All videos and images sent directly to you for unlimited use


What does the gold wellbeing scan involve?

If you’ve attended your standard NHS scans at 12 and 20 weeks, you’ll be a dab hand at scans by now and know that there’s nothing to worry about.

Our wellbeing scans are no different. They may take a little longer (allow for around half an hour), as we take a more detailed look at how baby is doing, but other than that everything else is just the same. We’ll spread gel over your tummy and use a special ultrasound probe to get a good look at baby.

Baby’s size, weight and overall wellbeing will all be recorded. It's important to note that not all scan companies can deliver this level of detail with their scan packages – most simply provide the images. It’s thanks to our skilled in-house obstetric sonographer (who has banked over 25 years working in the NHS) that we can offer so much more than just pictures…although we know how important those are too and will always do our best to capture baby’s best side!




Book a gold wellbeing scan

Wellbeing gold scans are available from 26 weeks into your pregnancy. For the optimum results from 4D imaging, the ideal time to book is between 26 and 32 weeks.

Priced at just £100, you get exceptional value for money and benefit from our professional yet warm and friendly service.

And don’t forget, by opting for this package you’ll receive 4 printed keepsake pictures alongside digital videos and images you can treasure forever.  

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to arrange your wellbeing gold scan today.

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