Early Reassurance Scan   £45

- From 6 weeks

- Diagnostic scan with a wellbeing report

- Dating estimation

- See baby's heartbeat and number of babies

- Complimentary picture included

Gender Reveal from 14 weeks

Well Being Scan £60

Growth and Doppler    £75

- We perform gender scans from 14 weeks with any scan package

- Our qualified sonographer will offer their professional opinion on

    the gender of your baby

- We can reveal the gender at anytime during the scan or we have confetti cannons       from £15-£25 

- From 20 weeks

- Wellbeing Assessment and Report

- Complimentary picture included

* Please note optimal time for 4D is from 18 weeks - 32 weeks *

- From 26 weeks

- Measurements of the baby to assess fetal weight, presentation

   and the fluid around baby  

- Umbilical artery Doppler assessment. 

- Complimentary picture included.

Presentation Scan  £35

- A late scan that we can perform from 36 weeks to let you know

   which way round baby is and can identify breech presentation and

   fluid assessment.
- Wellbeing report 
- Complimentary picture included if possible