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Reassurance Scans

Discovering you’re expecting is the best feeling ever. But all the unknowns and ‘what-ifs’ during pregnancy can make for a nervous wait – and a long one when you’re impatient for cuddles!

Book an early reassurance scan and get the confirmation and comfort you need to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

Why have an early reassurance scan?  

A healthy baby starts with a happy and healthy mum. So why wait for that all-important reassurance that everything is progressing well?

The NHS typically offer two scans – at around 12 weeks and 20 weeks. A lot can happen in that time, so it makes sense to complement these with additional reassurance scans from InstaScan 4D Baby.

Our reassurance scans check:

  • Baby’s heartbeat

  • Baby’s growth and development



What do reassurance scans involve?

If you’ve already attended a 12-week scan or enjoyed one of our early scans  – you’ll be pleased to hear that reassurance ultrasounds are just as straightforward.

Gel will be spread over your stomach, and we’ll use a special ultrasound probe to gently press down and roll over your tummy to see what baby is up to.


It shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes and the scan will be carried out by our fully qualified obstetric sonographer, who has banked more than 25 years’ experience working in the NHS.


Prefer someone with you? No problem. Whether it’s your partner, mum, best friend – or all of the above – at InstaScan 4D Baby, we’ll do whatever it takes to put you at ease.  


Book a pregnancy reassurance scan

If you’ve been googling ‘early reassurance scan near me’, your search is over. Based in Burnley, we frequently offer scans to expectant parents from Colne, Nelson and much further afield. Even if we’re not on your doorstep, we guarantee our service is worth the journey.  

Available from 14 weeks, you can book a reassurance scan with InstaScan 4D Baby for just £50. Offering more than just a precious glimpse of baby, as part of this price you’ll also receive a comprehensive well-being report. Not forgetting a complimentary scan picture - perfect for sharing baby joy on your socials.

To find out more about our early pregnancy reassurance scans or to book, get in touch.

Reassurance Scan
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