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Presentation Scans

Worried baby might be back-to-back or breech? The final stages of pregnancy can be a nail-biting time. Take some of the stress and anguish away by booking a presentation scan with InstaScan 4D Baby.


Why have a private presentation scan?

Provided you’re enjoying a normal pregnancy, the NHS only offers scans at 12 and 20 weeks.

At InstaScan, we can better that. From 36 weeks we are able to offer a private presentation ultrasound to assess baby’s positioning and offer you some much needed reassurance for the imminent birth.

A presentation scan checks:

  • Which way around baby is

  • If baby is in a breech position (bottom or feet first)

  • If baby is transverse (lying sideways)

  • Fluid assessment

  • Blood flow to baby and the placenta (known as an umbilical artery doppler assessment).


What do presentation scans involve?

Our highly qualified obstetric sonographer will assess how baby is lying using the same technique and ultrasound probe you’ll already be familiar with from previous scans.

Gently rolling the probe across your belly, we will gather detailed information to advise you of baby’s current position.

If baby isn’t sitting perfectly, don’t worry. Things can - and do - change in the final stages of pregnancy. And our vastly experienced team will be there to reassure you, clarify what the current position means and explain what’s likely to happen next to ensure a safe delivery.


Book a presentation scan today

Don’t sit and worry needlessly, book in for a presentation scan to understand exactly how baby is sitting.

For just £35 you’ll receive a full wellbeing assessment, understand the presentation of your baby and catch those final precious glimpses of your unborn child before they say hello to the world.

At this point in pregnancy, obtaining a clear image can be difficult but we always do our very best to capture the moment and will, of course, provide you with a complementary picture if possible.

To book a presentation scan, get in touch with the team today.

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