Gender Reveal in Lockdown

"Is it a he or a she?" From the moment you begin to share the good news of your pregnancy one question on many peoples' minds seems to be whether your little one is a boy or a girl. At InstaScan we offer free gender confirmation from 14 weeks as part of all of our reassurance scan packages. Parents have been choosing to reveal the gender of their new addition in special and creative ways, as seen by the popularity of hosting gender reveal parties for family and friends. Since lockdown, however, parents-to-be are having to get creative with how they share the news! Take inspiration from some of our ideas below for how to have your own lockdown gender reveal!

1. Host a virtual gender reveal party

Even while you are social distancing, you can still celebrate together - virtually! Host a virtual gender reveal party and invite your friends and family to a zoom celebration. Send out virtual invites over email or messenger and choose a date and time to host your event. Gather everyone together, play some gender reveal party games and then it will be time for the big reveal! Our cannons are a perfect way to announce your reveal.

2. Create a video montage

Call up friends and relatives on FaceTime or video call to announce the news and record your loved ones’ reactions! Using video editing software like iMovie, compile the clips together before sending out the link to family and friends or sharing it on social media.

3. Social media posts

Create a cute social media post like the ones below to announce to all of our friends and family. You can write a creative reveal, grab some trinkets from baby’s nursery or get your furry friends or future siblings to help!

4. Scribbles in the Sand

Are you a mermaid-mum to be? Head to the beach for this summery surprise! Write out the message in the sand and then share the pics with family and friends!

5. Spell It Out

Host a virtual scrabble game with friends and family and pour out all the letters on the table in front of you. Slowly spell out the ‘Its a …’ with the game pieces.

6. Heartbeat Teddy Bears

Send a heartbeat teddy bear in the post to the little ones in your lives to let them know about your new arrival! Our teddies are the perfect keepsake for siblings and cousins to be (and grandparents, aunts and uncles too!)

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