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Gender Scans

Boy or girl?

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of the most exciting aspects of pregnancy, second only to discovering you’re pregnant in the first place. Can you really wait another 26 weeks?!

Didn’t think so.

So why not book a gender scan with our friendly and professional team here at InstaScan 4D Baby and say hello to your beautiful baby boy or girl!

Why have a sexing scan?

There are lots of reasons people opt for an early gender scan and it’s an entirely personal choice.

For some, it’s about managing the pregnancy and keeping any surprises and uncertainty to a minimum. For others, it’s a way to prepare and get organised – shopping for clothes, focusing name choices, knowing what colour to paint the nursery.

For many expectant parents though, they’re simply just too excited to wait, which is why we’re delighted to offer you a baby gender scan from 14 weeks. That’s 6 weeks earlier than the NHS sexing scan which is performed as part of your routine 20-week ultrasound. And 26 weeks earlier than going the full 9 months without knowing!


What do gender scans involve?

Providing you are at least 14 weeks pregnant, we can offer gender scans as part of any of our scan packages - although it’s often performed with a reassurance scan.


Our fully qualified and highly experienced sonographer will use an ultrasound probe to gently press down on your tummy for images and will offer their professional opinion on the gender of your baby. We can reveal this at any time during your scan or, if you prefer, you can save the surprise for a special moment with family and friends and we’ll send you home with one of our confetti cannons, available from £15.


Book a baby gender scan

Arrange a gender reveal as part of your reassurance or wellbeing scan and not only will you catch a precious glimpse of your baby and gain that all-important assurance things are going well, you’ll also discover the joy of learning if you’re team blue or team pink. And all within the price of your chosen scan.

To book your gender scan, get in touch with the team.

Reassurance Scan
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